More Words That Should Be Banned From Common Use: Heartland, Absolutely

In addition to “folks” which has been ruined by Obama cynically using the imply he is connected to the common man and Fred Thompson cynically using it in commercials to connect his sponsor to the common man, two more words that should be banned are “heartland” or the synonym “homeland” and most assuredly the word “absolutely”

I have been meaning to write this for a long time but I had put it off until I just heard on Bloomberg an image-shaping/building commercial by the Koch brothers wherein the female spokesperson tells us how Koch industries started in the “heartland” as if that means they should be just okey-dokey with everybody who feels an affinity with the concept of the heartland.  I mean I do feel such an affinity which is why I choose to live in the “heartland”, affectionately known as “flyover country” by the ruling and business elites on the coasts.  But I am not so craven or stupid to then uncritically buy into some image refurbishment campaign by anybody, even if I am glad they are fighting the good fight against the Progressive scum looking to subjugate everybody to their utopian collectivist vision of the country and the world.  And know that almost all of the agriculture that forms the basis of our country’s ability to produce wealth on an epic scale takes place here, a fact taken for granted by those elites.  Plus we do not get hurricanes or earthquakes here, and tornadoes are a much more localized danger.  Homeland should likewise be banned as well as its namsake Department which is now chiefly in the business of destroying our civil liberties and wasting our tax dollars rather than providing any additional kind of security.  But I digress as usual…

“Absolutely” makes the list not because it is prone to misuse that makes one want to puke because it is so blatant an attempt to buy us off, but merely because of its insane amount of overuse.  Nearly every person who is interviewed on the business channels I watch during the work day starts off nearly every answer to nearly every question with the reply…”Absolutely”…  The worst was some interview on CNBC I think with the CEO (THE CEO!!!) of one of the insanely overfunded technology companies, or social networking companies (not really technology, though they all seem to be set up in or near San Francisco or Santa Cruz).  He was asked about 10 questions in a two minute time frame and started the answer to every one of them with the word “Absolutely” and then managed to even insert the word a few more times into the meat of the answers.  It was …absolutely…ridiculous.  Seriously.

Aside from the fact that few things in the world are categorical or absolute, especially on the rapidly shifting sands of technology or any business, even in these times when the government retards the operation of creative destruction, it is just bad form to overuse and misuse such a word so badly and so often by so many.  I therefore humbly submit that these two words  – “heartland”/”homeland” and “absolutely” join “folks” on the list of words that everyone should retire from common use.

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