Abuse of Discretion Just Feels So Good

The latest judicial farce occurred with the verdicts rendered in the Boston Bombing Case.  We did not have long to wait as the very first count came back in all its ludicrous glory.  Count 1: Conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction.  Guilty.

What lunacy, what lack of judgment could have resulted in the prosecutor leveling such a charge?  What odious obliteration of the very nature of jurisprudence could have come back with a positive finding on that count?  Weapons of Mass Destruction?  Really?  They blew up a home made bomb.  By any definition that would include their method of murder as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, every weapon ever used in war or crime is a weapon of mass destruction.  By such a definition, David was guilty of using a Weapon of Mass Destruction when he took out Goliath.  What the Hell?

Don’t get me wrong, the idiots who killed those people in Boston are guilty of a heinous murder and deserve to die for their deeds, assuming they are the ones who did it.  But to try to dress it up as something it wasn’t speaks poorly not of the murderers but of our system of justice and particularly of the people who brought and prosecuted the charges in all seriousness, even though no reasonable person could have done so with a straight face.  The prosecutor should be disbarred.

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