Hillary Already Disqualifies Herself With Email Horror Show

The race for President has not even really started and already Hillary has absolutely disqualified herself for High Office.   She already clears the hurdle just by the fact that she elected in her best bad judgment to use a private email server to handle all of her official governmental email correspondence.  Why does that matter?  This is, or was, a representative republic where high officials (and Secretary of State qualifies there) are open to public scrutiny in the way they handle their public trust, that being the fact that they are representing the people in their office, not themselves.  That necessarily means that ALL of their official correspondence MUST be handled by systems run by and for the polity.  Running your own server to handle it is insufficient to ensure that in the fullness of time, the ramblings and decisions made in the name of the public are available for scrutiny.  And it matters not a whit if such has not been officially codified.  It is patently obvious by the nature of the American Experiment that it must be so.  Yet Hillary judged, wrongly, that it would be OK for her to hold HER official correspondence outside of officially controlled and administered systems.

Why would she make such an erroneous and poor judgment?  Why to allow her to brazenly undertake the next horrific, arrogant unbelievable action – deleting ALL of the correspondence on the server!!!!!!!!!  I mean we cannot have the plebs looking at what Queen Hillary had to say to anyone or how she made any of the judgments she made on behalf of the body politic in the future can we?  No.  Deleting the emails from the server she should not have been using for official correspondence is WAY WAY beyond the line.  But who cares what is beyond the line anymore.  I mean if the President of the United States can use his minions (Valerie Jarrett) to get powerful institutions of the United States Government (IRS) to harass his political opponents for him – something Tricky Dick Nixon could only have dreamed about – why would anyone care about a corrupt lying scumbag of a politician running their official US Government correspondence on her own server and then deleting anything on it to avoid the discovery of the improprieties which almost certainly resided thereon?

So if you find yourself itching to give old Hil a vote come next November, do us all a favor and either think better of it, or get in a fatal accident first.  And if she does happen to get elected, and I would not put it past a population that somehow saw fit to elect and then reelect a Muslim Communist who likely isn’t even eligible for the position as President, I can only hope that the Space Aliens who have so far refused to come to our aid by obliterating Washington DC (a la Independence Day) with all the asshats and clowns in it will do so in that eventuality.  But I am not holding my breath.  God Help the country formerly known as the United States of America.

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