SCOTUS Renders More Wrong Decisions: Lack of Respect for US Institutions Justified

Recently Gallup put out a poll showing that faith in the institutions in the US has fallen to all time lows.  And with good reason.  The President lies about Obamacare and everything in between.  Congress passes Obamacare using the most heinous and ridiculous parliamentary tricks and dodges imaginable.  The Supreme Court twice upholds what is clearly unconstitutional in the individual mandate and then says the statute did not mean to apply subsidies only to state exchanges as the statute says but to anyone.  They will undoubtedly find state failure to recognize gay marriages as unconstitutional.  It seems as if nearly every SCOTUS decision coming out is flat out wrong on both the law and the equities.

Whether it is because Roberts has been threatened by the black helicopter crowd by Obama and his evil minions or that he is plain stupid, the curse of W (the worst President ever before the current President raised the bar considerably and took the honors) comes back to bite us again and again.  It was W after all who appointed the now obviously moronic traitor John Roberts as Chief of the Supreme Court.  And he is young.  We can only hope he finds an accident or chooses to resign to spare the country decades of his incompetence in the highest judicial chair in the land.

The power and prestige of Nations wax and wane over the course of history.  I see little hope for the US, which is now well down the slope or into a considerable period of waning.  It will take a crisis of unprecedented magnitude to allow for a reset that can break the back of the government as it now exists and to put things on a better path so the fortunes of the nation wax again.  The ongoing loss of faith in our degrading institutions is part of that long drawn out process.

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