How Expectations on Economic Freedom Have Changed

Just now I was watching CNBC and in a recap of what is going on this MLK day, Sara Eisen was talking about China.  She said “We are watching to see if the officials can stabilize the currency, as a sign that they are still in control of the economy and the markets”.  Think about that.  Has it become a common and unquestioned expectation that “officials” here or anywhere SHOULD be in control of the economy and the markets?  I mean, in my worldview, “officials” are spectators of the economy and the markets, whose only duty is to stay as unengaged as possible while providing the backdrop for economic activity to take place?  Which means providing a legal system for the peaceful resolution of disputes and possibly some infrastructure and finally a strong national defense so people do not have to worry about invasion?  Emblematic of how twisted and dangerous the conversation has become when commentators can pass on such nonsense as if it were the normal way of things.

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