With Apple Boycott Call Trump Just Lost My Vote

I am not a big fan of Apple.  Not a huge fan of Trump either but I was considering voting for him as he represented a huge middle finger to the establishment.   I may just become an Apple fan and now will not be a Trump fan at all.  Trump apparently just called for a boycott of Apple because they will not roll over and accede to the outrageous and dangerous FBI request that Apple install a permanent backdoor in their phone encryption, essentially making encryption illegal in the US and rendering everyone’s data permanently transparent to the US government and to all governments who will be able to hack the backdoor (in other words everyone).  Whether Trump knows what he is talking about or not, there is now NO WAY I will vote for Donald Trump.  The US Government is not your friend, it is your enemy.  Trump should understand this.

UPDATE:  James Comey was out this weekend telling people not to freak out, that this wasn’t the end of the United States.  Right.  I have watched this asshole for years whine and complain that the FBI needed a backdoor into encryption, to be able to listen to anyone about anything at any time the FBI deems necessary.  In other words, he has been arguning that the FBI should be able, technologically mandated by law, to open any letter from anyone to anyone else at any time for any reason.  “Dont fret about wittle old me.  I’m not a phreat to anybone or anyfing”.  James Comey is one of the most dangerous men alive.  A President with any balls or sense of right or wromg (*not the current one obviously) would remove James Comey as head of the FBI forthwith.

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