Asymmetries in Society

So I am watching one of my favorite movies on AMC, The Matrix.  For whatever reason the censors have the guys bleeping out the word ‘shit’.  It is rendered by the overlord overdub as ‘shoot’.  This is on a cable channel at like 9:57 PM Central Time on Thursday night.  So we can have gay people getting married, chicks with dicks, supported fully by the “president” and Loretta Lynch his henchperson in the inJustice Department, choosing to relieve themselves in the ladies restroom, while down the hall, guy with tits is going in the mens room, and god forbid anyone has a problem with that.  But on AMC, they have to change the word ‘shit’ to ‘shoot’ to satisfy the censors?  At 9:57 PM on a Thursday?  Maybe since it is 7:57 in California they are worried little Susie or Tommy are still awake and watching?  No it most be because somewhere in Oregon someone with tender sensibilities is still awake with AMC on.  Or maybe the good folk in coastal Washington state.  Something does not add up here.  But this is still the best movie ever made despite this incongruity foisted on us in the Midwest after the kinderfolk have retired for the evening.

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