Queen Hillary Is Not A Subject of the Same Law As Mere Mortals

There are really only three questions in response to James Comeys abdication of his duty in exonerating Our Majestic Queen Hillary the Corrupt in todays farcical outcome of the long investigation into her clearly criminal mishandling of sensitive national security information that has now fallen into the hands of foreign powers who will now be able to blackmail her should she become President of the Country Formerly Known as the United States of America.

First, what associates of the Clintons, whether Arab Princelings, foreign potentates or other domestic or foreign billionaires put up the money to pay off Jim Comey to clear her of a criminal outcome for her misdeeds?

Second, what was the price to buy him off?

What did Queen Hillary promise in return for paying off her only real threat to the nomination?

Make no mistake, anyone other than Hillary would be in jail.

Also, how convenient for Loretta Lynch to say she will follow the advice of the FBI in whether to indict.  She obviously knew in advance that the recommendation would be for no indictment.  What was the content of the conversation between the Queens Consort and our former President Bill and Loretta Lynch a few days ago on her private plane?  Could it have been to offer up the final price to buy off Comey?  An offer to join the Supreme Court maybe?  Whatever it was, it is clear the subject had to do with this whole coverup and conspiracy which will result in the destruction of what little shreds of soundness were left of our failing Republic.  The lot of them should be rounded up and dumped off a cliff.  Horrifying.  Disgusting.  Putrid.  Unseemly.  Criminal.

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