Trump Sex Scandal Has All The Earmarks Of A CIA or NSA Op

It suddenly struck me today watching the hysterical main stream media harping on the unsubstantiated claims of Trumps sexual abuse of nearly ten woman (MSM shill Chuck Todd – who is having too much fun destroying Trump with that shit eating grin – on NBC’s Meet The Press today insisted repeatedly to Mike Pence that it was not unsubstantiated but unproven) that what is going on is that the Clintons and their allies in the Deep State have put together this sexual impropriety story to discredit Trump in order to steal the election.  It is just too perfect and all the pieces have slotted into place.

If you wanted to hurt the other guy what would you do?  You would leak your real intel, that Trump HAD actually said crude and inappropriate things about women, things which cannot be denied, and then you would follow that up with the far worse stuff based solely on innuendo and he said-she said sexual impropriety stuff that cannot be disproven.  For whatever reason I am nearly certain that Clinton enlisted the aid of factions in the CIA or the NSA in order to execute this smear campaign.  Have you ever seen the Will Smith movie “Enemy of the State“?  That was years ago.  Imagine what they can do now?  Childs play for those in the power elite that fear Trump and support Hillary because she is a known quantity and can be either relied upon or controlled or bought off.  Gingrich was talking about the MSM engaged in a sort of coup d’etat today in an interview with Martha Radditz.  I think he was closer to the truth than he realized.

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