Why Hillary Clinton’s Email Fiasco Makes Her Unfit For Office

Never mind that Killary has already her 3AM wakeup call and failed it miserably when she was begged for security by her Ambassador in Benghazi and failed to provide it.  What makes Hillary unfit is her demonstrated lack of judgment regarding the communication setup while she was Secretary of State.  Consider for moment what the position she occupied was.  She was essentially the most important cabinet officer under Obama, fifth in line to the Presidency after the Vice-President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate.  The Secretary of State is a high officer representing and acting as agent of the Government of the United States and hence of the People.  Necessarily, ALL of the formal communications incident to carrying out the powers of that agency MUST therefore be available in posterity for the People to review, with due regard that sensitive matters not be subject to review too early, lest that affect the proper execution of the Office.

It therefore follows that any technological system used for carrying such formal communications MUST be under the control of the government.  Any person undertaking such office must certainly be aware of this.  If they are not so aware they are not fit for such high office.  Yet Hillary Clinton, purportedly for ease of convenience but obviously so she could prevent disclosure of immoral or illegal activity occurring in her web of selling power, decided that she would use not a government controlled email server for her communication as Secretary of State of the United States, but her OWN server located on premises controlled not by the US Government but by herself.

  1.  This mistake in judgment alone disqualifies Hillary Clinton from the office of President

But we are not done yet.  With full knowledge (presumed or real) that all of her official communications must be reviewed by those for whom she was serving as agent,

2.  she arrogated to herself the power to decide what emails were official and which were entirely personal and hence not necessary for the record of her agency in posterity for review by the People.

Finally we get to the nub of the criminal investigation which was botched by the FBI, and in which the Director of the FBI was clearly suborned by the Clintons.  I have maintained my own email server at home.  And I have had it hacked despite my best efforts to provide security.  Unless you have a really good dedicated system administrator, your server is going to be hacked.    And even if she had such an administrator on hire, and it does not look like she did, knowingly sending classified information over an unsecure system is illegal.  Many have been imprisoned for what seem like minor breeches of this principle. Given that it is impossible to prevent hacking of a privately maintained email server you can rest assured that foreign governments have ALL of the email she ever sent through that server. despite the FBI lying that they had no such evidence.

3.  Hillary sent classified information over an unsecure system.  She either did so knowingly, which should land her in prison or she did it neglectfully, which means she is not fit to have a security clearance due to her ignorance and incompetence.  Either way she is unfit for office.

The FBI Director was persuaded by either the Obama Administration or the Clintons to declare that no prosecutor could find she did so knowingly.  Aside from the fact that that is wrong and that the FBI Director was clearly bought off, most FBI agents, according to sources, wanted her either prosecuted or at the least to have her security clearance revoked.  Either way, she would not be fit for the Presidency.

There is in addition to all the above the little fact that when pressed on the matter, Hillary lied to the FBI (another crime) and lied to Congress (another crime) and lied to the American People (apparently not a crime as Democratic politicans do this constantly and Republican ones occasionally).  She is on record stating that she never sent any classified information over her unsecured server.  The FBI stated unequivocally that she did.

4.  Hillary lied to the FBI, Congress and the American People about whether she sent classified information

5.  Finally, there is the small matter that Hillary had her minions destroy the information on her home brewed, eminently hackable email server AFTER she had received a Congressional subpoena not to do so.

So take your pick of the 5 reasons above or any of the dozens of reasons having to do with selling her office in connection with the Clinon Foundation or having people killed or the dozens of other issues with this utterly corrupt person.  She is not fit to be President of the United States.  It takes real hubris for her to throw that same thing into the face of her opponent when in fact she is far more unsuitable than he.


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