Is Politico Owned By Facebook?

Occasionally I see a story at Politico on which  I would like to comment.  Like the recent one in which the Clinton aide Sheryl Mills, who of course was granted immunity by the compromised and corrupt or clueless FBI, in which she realizes they need to cover up contacts between Obama and Clinton through her privately maintained email server over which she was routing US state secrets now in the hands of the Russians, Chinese and everyone else, which demonstrate that he knew or should have known she was not going through a government server because Killary’s email address does not end in .gov.  Yawn, just another Obama lie, another Democratic cover up.  Whatever.  Par for the course.  The useless and biased mainstream press cannot be bothered to lift a finger in outrage or coverage of any kind.

But the thing about politico, which demonstrates not how cool they are but how utterly lame, is that the ONLY way to sign in to comment or do anything else is through a Facebook account.  Now I was a very early Facebook user, as we were prototyping mobile apps using their brand new shiny API in 2007, when Facebook was but 3 years old.  But I no longer have an account nor will I participate in supporting a biased and frankly dangerous company.  So I guess I cannot comment at Politico.  Which means I will simply not click on links going to Politico.


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