Clinton Is Pulling Out All Stops Behind The Scenes

Podesta just came out and said “lets get those votes counted and bring this home”.  What that means is that the Bill and Hill Kill Squad is out where votes have yet to be counted banging some heads making sure that the last states come out her way.  Do you think they are politely asking them to be “With Her”?  No they are threatening death and mayhem.  So the election will not be called until tomorrow.  Want to bet what the outcome will be?  The Billionaires and all the Powers That Be are doing what they can to swing this to Hillary now that it is clear she was going to lose.

And don’t you know the markets are now coming off the lows significantly with the Spoo only down 72 after being down more than 100.  The last time I saw that was the Flash Crash in 2010.

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