A Note On NBC Meet The Press, The “Press” and Trumps Russia Non-Problem

Chuck Todd continues his aggressive pursuit of the Russia Scandal which in essence is a Democratic hope that Trump worked with Russia and Putin to subvert the democratic process in the US in 2016.  But that is really just to say that he enlisted the aid of foreigners in politics.  For what is politics?  It is the attempt to persuade people to support one position or another, usually represented as support of one candidate or another.  So lets assume for a minute that Trump actually had daily conversations with Putin about using RT and other Russian propaganda outlets to hurt Hillary and help Trump.  Lets even say he urged them to use formidable Russian hacking skills to get and release the embarrassing emails of prominent Democrats.  So what?  That is not subverting the democratic process in any way.   That’s what politics is!  It is outing truth and persuading people to do something.  So unless they think there is some evidence somewhere that Russia actually tried to change the votes that people had already cast, switching them from what people actually cast of their own free will to something else, there IS no scandal.  Which means every minute spent on this stupid crusade is a minute wasted in doing other important things like tax reform, regulatory reform and undoing the disaster of Obamacare while maintaining its few good aspects.

And while we are at it Chuck.  Know that Trump is right and as usual you have miscast and misunderstood what it is he actually said.  The mainstream press – by which I mean the archaic networks ABC, CBS and NBC, along with CNN, Washington Post and some others – in my estimation, is lowlier than almost any organization or person out there.  They might, and I mean MIGHT, just be barely above say, child molesters;  but probably below murderers and traitors.  And Chuck, Trump did not say the press as defined above were enemies of the state, which you denied you – NBC news – were this morning.  No the press are huge supporters of the state, a force without which the State could not attempt to propagandize its own citizenry, whose interests they are supposed to represent.  Trump said, and you are, enemies of the PEOPLE, not the state.  Precisely because you are such enablers of the oppressive state, that makes you enemies of the people.  Get the words straight.  Because they matter and there is a world of difference, as usual, between what the object of your derision said, and what you said was said.  Quod erat demonstratum.

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